NoirCon is a biennial literary conference devoted to the dark, elusive, and seductive areas of art and life that we have come to call “noir.” Over a weekend, participants gather for panels, conversations, and parties centered around the best classic and contemporary expressions of this art form. The conference allows friends, new and old, to gather and carry on discussions that fittingly last late into the night. Above all else, NoirCon is a celebration, and a community of like-minded individuals who, thanks to our common interests, can become a family.

NoirCon began in Philadelphia, PA in 2007 as GoodisCon, an event dedicated to the life and work of Philly’s hometown noir hero, David Goodis. In 2008, under the tutelage of its co-founders, Louis Boxer and Deen Kogan, the event transformed into NoirCon. While still retaining its focus on Goodis, NoirCon has continually expanded its horizons to encompass not only literature, but also cinema, poetry, theater, photography, dance, performance art, visual art, music, and beyond.

What started as just a roomful of people united by their love of Goodis has grown into a multi-faceted arts institution. NoirCon’s biennial conference is only the start of its many endeavors, which also include publishing projects, cultural and historical tours, preservation initiatives, support for noir-related art and artists, and plans for much more in the years to come.

At each NoirCon, we also celebrate individuals who have made a difference in noir our unique awards: The David L. Goodis Award, The Jay and Deen Kogan Award for Excellence, and The Anne Friedberg Award for Contributions to Noir and Its Preservation.

NoirCon also recognizes its responsibility to those less fortunate. At each NoirCon, we contribute to organizations that help those in need, such as the Awassa Childrens Project (helping Ethiopian orphans battle AIDS) and Project HOME (providing housing and services to the homeless in Philadelphia).

Each NoirCon brings new surprises. What is in store for this year? Be there to find out!

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