“Hoe Manifesto”

by Tia Janae

One things for certain and two things for true/a nut might be a nut but still taboo/cotton will sell like tricks going to screw/so the hoes on stroll taming all the shrews/good hoes run the track rural or urban/and takes all types from flunkies to surgeons/teetotalers or those in the bourbon/even priests on religious conversions/it might seem like a come up if you square/but most out here on wings and a prayer/aint too many bitches boss millionaires/fucking in backseats quick head down the stairs/most only know about the hoes in chalk/not the glamour strutting light the hoe walk/this job out here is dangerous real talk/the cops dont give a shit when tricks hoe stalk/small price to pay for a piece of the rock/trade finds a way to make cash on the stock/its enough trade option down every block/for a trick to find the right piece to knock/ a bitch like me out here hustling heat/games on lock switching my hips on repeat/my mind on cash counting future backseats/since these tricks got to skeet and get meat beat/or cheat in the street my closed legs dont eat/unemployment is high just to compete/sex is one currency not obsolete/but its hard as hell not to feign defeat/these days inflation done hit the panties/tricks dont want to pay but guzzling down brandies/crying broke hard strutting in pink caddies/now hoes working in any nooks and crannies/the stroll is brutal and does molest slow/got to watch for the cops if not lest dough/I done seen a lot and done the rest so/I wrote this here a hoe manifesto/theres a lot to cover so take notes/ selling sex is more that setting price quotes/this life aint a come up sowing wild oats/tricks are out there that will cut your damn throats/soon as they skeet as you slob their knobs/one of the many dangerous pit jobs/you take all comers from neat to the blobs/because they pay you to ease where they throbs/let me break it down layer by layer/in this line of work there is no dick slayer/or any bailouts from the taxpayer/just a fuck and nut for the purveyor/you are not a courtesan but a whore/the holes on your body will stay right sore/tricks push them to the limit and much more/and if you cant handle that theres the door/get your mind right and get the business straight/tricks pulling up aint looking for a mate/all they care about is whats your set rate/know they will low ball at the starting gate/trying not to bust when they copulate/remember what you sell is lustful sex/how you work a stroke is what earns you checks/thats the easy part any hoe can flex/getting your hustle strong is more complex/hoes should know perceptions all relative/society calls the trade negative/providing service thats imperative/so keep that in mind on this narrative/aint telling you how to fuck thats given/if you cant do that by now wrong mission/this here is for ambitiously driven/of those that do homework and have vision/so now that youve gotten yourself a whiff/if this lifes for you pull tight your midriff/Im about to lay on you the hoe riff/send you down the river on a hoe skiff/theres rules to this game so dont misconstrue/plenty of trade waiting on rendezvous/just follow my steps and do what I do/the moneymakers are the chosen few/now some work it so the street know their name/pimps follow suit herein lies the street fame/keep your mind on business fuck the acclaim/end of the day its all a money game/a bitch need coin to put spice on the roux/cash up front then leave off the avenue/make the tricks pay for the room with a view/get they ass off quick then bid them adieu/you never can tell what may lie ahead/cuz a trick that has to pay might see red/get the cash in hand before the legs spread/whether you work in the backseat or bed/so before you let the trick sweat and grunt/bitches are going to need cash up front/and this isnt for you to profile and stunt/to be blunt this satisfies the cash shunt/fuck the market rate set your own price/some might scoff but its worth the sacrifice/when tricks get cheap say go fuck dirty rice/you got bills to pay in hoe paradise/remember these words and that I said it/on this type of bed shit dont front credit/streets get to talking like its some fed shit/that leaves you wondering how the bread split/stuck with a bad rep without an edit/worse than a bitch out here selling bled slit/then word travels fast you got a lead clit/aint no coming back from that lost dead pit/you might take the short the tricks take the loss/they agreed to the deal for ass you toss/that there is the true secret of hoe sauce/stamp it paid on the cost to be the boss/dodging lice aint even nice for the archetype/whether you fuck suck or have an ass wipe/practice will tell you whos pockets are ripe/and if you do it right youll earn your stripe/on this next part dont be acting funny/since you out here humping like a bunny/there is only so much milk in the honey/meaning youve got to spend to make money/a good hoe learns quick to avoid disease/because that will limit the aim to please/I dont care how much money a trick tease/keep condoms close by on your next fuck sprees/trust and believe theyre your very best friend/buying in bulk is what I recommend/top quality shit that wont break or bend/your health is worth it to give up those ends/the name of the game is self-reliant/never use anything from your client/they will poke holes just to be defiant/a sick joke that will quickly turn violent/there is shit out there that will kill your ass/leave you genital warts on pubic mass/make your insides harden like dirty brass/this is one point where there is no impasse/and its fine using other birth control/but condoms stop the fire in the hole/and herpes sores from spreading off the pole/that shit is as cute as a half-ate foal/now a hoe will hoe and be mad fearless/tricks who get burnt snap your neck with quickness/illness is bad for the fucking business/worse than wives discovering a mistress/plus the word will be out all over the street/haters will keep the rumors on repeat/dont matter if you can pull a clean receipt/hoes catching herpes want your ass to beat/pimps brand you burned on the street telegram/now your money is fucked and on the lam/and the only tricks you can muster scam/so you stay as the hunted or you scram/so keep your wits about yourself and check pride/getting burned aint no picnic verified/aint no unemployment for you to ride/always pack plastic when you slip and slide/now that we got that point out of the way/you might hear old hoes from back in the days/out of pocket on what will and wont pay/ignore them is all I can really say/keep your mind on your pockets and your lays/theres been some tension I dare to mention/hoe attention changed and by extension/bitches convention looking for pensions/this goes back to what I said at the start/its all about the cash flow so dont thwart/do what you do but keep the business smart/not every hoe out here got the right heart/on the prowl for future baby daddies/or caught at the bottom of drug baggies/dead on the curb from fentanyl candies/missing a few organs in back alleys/take it from an OG this shits simple/what youre selling is a body rental/dealing with the public temperamental/fuck what the law say it is essential/all types of hoes all types of bitches/fulfilling needs of all types of niches/renegades navigating the glitches/or hoes with pimps playing rags to riches/figure out your own classification/before its assigned by hoe federation/its the cultural appropriation/that leads unsure hoes to degradation/starting with bitches traveling in packs/the hoes out here with monkeys on their backs/whoring for the pimps, players, and the macks/you can never ever pay them enough stacks/a pimp by code offers everything/treat you like a mistress on a wild fling/try to get you sprung on the sex they sling/a pimp wants one thing the paper your bring/the needy like that want the cash speedy/theyll work your ass to death yes indeedy/sell all your holes to slimy and seedy/keep you sprung on junk leave your eye beady/Im telling you what I know and whats true/a pimp real quick to leave eyes black and blue/put you on the hoe stroll when they get through/short on the cash they beat you with a shoe/when youre with a pimp your rank is a flea/long as youre making cash youre never free/your sweat is what pays for the player spree/a never ending cycle there sweetie/millions of hoes have suffered the same fate/starting out with love when that money straight/then some shit happens and it flips to hate/with a fist in your sternum when cash late/a pimps going to pimp and wants that ass loose/come rain sleet or snow you better produce/put the chop in his hand without excuse/no quotas met will end up in abuse/learn early on your keep then acquiesce/any freakish desires you profess/no looking for lovers with nice finesse/its about his paper no more no less/to the hoes out here self- represented/pimps are still a worry being offended/ competition of their hoes is resented/theyll cop snitch and get you apprehended/setups are a real thing dont you forget/take what they say serious even threats/theyll rape you too and start the pool on bets/shade is really real like water is wet/pimps smell the cash flow and want you dusted/some are just mad in their hearts they lusted/ neither them or their hoes can be trusted/they out for the wins leaving you busted/speaking of which never tell anyone/how much you made whose record you outdone/when the cash coming in loose lips have fun/while bitches faces stuck on stun/a brag is a bad thing in a hoe bag/a gag when the hoes need a bitch to drag/a snag when the cops need a mark to tag/rough shag for a hoe slipping at a stag/haters going to hate then sound the whistles/next thing you know youre looking at pistols/who cares if a hoe is shot on gristles/your ass will be dead says the clerks initials/moving on to the hoes on life support/like the ones on the scene hooking for sport/or the ones slinging ass for dope to snort/holding balls dont mean come play on the court/just because you can hoe dont mean you should/just you wait until it gets round the hood/youll have more action than you thought you could/so now its understood youre just driftwood/there are amateurs and professionals/ones broke while the other counts decimals/if you have to guess then youre skeptical/an amateur fucking on sectionals/for pleasure to tell your confessionals/hoes make coin theyre not cum receptacles/if you keep that mind its your festival/but either way a hoe susceptible/you can get got out here for real low key/dont let these bitches know your revelry/jealous bitches in the street guarantee/will snitch out and make you a parolee/it aint just them its also who you fuck/theyll hit you for your trap and then get buck/try to choke you out until you upchuck/cut you here and there until blood runs amuck/now this next point of reference gets frowns/dont take no tricks to your spot to get down/some like to follow your steps around town/and some like to stalk right before they clown/slice titty where its pretty committee/eyes slitty killing kitty you feel me/feeling witty with no police frisky/its shitty but gritty in the city/ the biggest thing you have to keep in mind/dont fall in love with a trick while you grind/they will remember youre a hoe defined/in the worst possible moment combined/they not taking you out the game resigned/say they understand but mad flip rewind/bring up the tricks that hit it from behind/then the streets will talk and they wont be kind/heeds these words and tie a yellow ribbon/to the realest shit ever been written/tricks will snitch like a group of male pigeons/thinking their stroke has you the least smitten/in conclusion a hoes life is just pain/an appetite for cash just to maintain/the rewards may outweigh the constant strain/since we make money on any terrain/the government wants their piece of your cut/tricks might want to kill you instead of nut/bitches might want to fight instead of strut/signs all around you feel it in your gut/these streets make you sow what you shouldnt reap/thats why you watch the company you keep/so your body aint found on a trash heap/or another ghosts on the block never sleep/follow my advice you just might make due/and be more well known than the Charleston chew/take all comers and throw them in the queue/choose your tricks wisely you know how we do.


Tia Ja’nae is a Creative Writer and Master Propagandist. In her spare time she is a Trekkie, classified by the order of your government. A 2022 Chinaski Winner, 2023 Pushcart Prize Nominee, 2022 Pulitzer Nominee In Fiction, her previous short stories have been featured in Pulp Modern, Pulp Modern Flash, Shogun Honey, Tough Magazine, 45th Parallel Magazine, 365 Tomorrows, Flashback Fiction Magazine in print and online media. Her full length novel Ghosts On The Block Never Sleep as well as other works are currently published by Uncle B. Publications LLC.